About Us

I. Our Mission

MH Eye Care is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to supplying eye care professionals and practices the medical supplies and services needed to guarantee patient care and ease of day to day operations. For almost 25 years, MH Eye Care combines high quality and customized products, efficient delivery, and exceptional customer service. Through these three tenets, we are able to reach our primary objectives of supporting practices’ patient care and continued growth both today and into the future. 

II. Our Methods

MH Eye Care emphasizes relationships through exceptional customer service. With a knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional team ready to walk you through every option and answer any questions, we know the importance of getting practices the right solution with quick turnaround times. Our methodology involves creating partnerships with our customers. By listening to practices’ needs and aligning those requirements with our product options, we help practices offer patients the industry best eye care. MH Eye Care is open to customer feedback and encourages this dialogue. Finally, our strong and committed relationships with industry leaders allow us to remain current with marketplace trends and provide the most relevant medical supplies.  

III. Our Values and Commitment

Commitment to Customer Service, Integrity, Innovation, Partnership

By offering a broad range of products from customized cataract and LASIK kits, dry eye supplies, surgical and post-surgical components, and more, we aim to be a one-stop shop for eye care practices. Our culture emphasizes a commitment to customer service, integrity, innovation, and partnership. We look forwarding to working with each one of our customers to provide an all-inclusive solution for medical practice needs. 

Commitment to Customer Service – MH Eye Care encourages an open and direct dialogue with customers so we continue to learn and grow together. We are attentive and communicate promptly to all inquiries. MH Eye Care embraces flexibility and understanding in order to provide the right solution to every customer.

Integrity – MH Eye Care conducts business in line with the highest ethical standards. We believe in transparency and honesty in every interaction with our customers, vendors, and prospects. We vow to provide the best choice both product wise and financially to further instill trust in every relationship we create. 

InnovationIn the medical industry, change happens often and quickly. MH Eye Care will continue to pre-emptively recognize innovations and develop product offerings and strategies around these changes so we satisfy practice needs in a timely fashion.  

PartnershipMH Eye Care’s team is eager to work with every customer and vendor with the commitment to providing superior products and services. Also through our products and services, we provide sustainable value which is imperative to our success and the success of our customers and vendors. 

IV. Location 

Headquartered about 40 miles south of Lake Erie in downtown Akron, OH, Akron has been known as a hotbed of innovation and invention. MH Eye Care strives to continue that tradition with its products and practice support services. MH Eye Care operates in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, which includes administrative offices, a customer support center, a creative development, and warehouse space for production, storage, and fulfillment.

V. Contact Us

We truly value customer feedback. If there is a product or service in the marketplace that you recommend, let us know by calling 800-858-9395. 


                                                         MH Eye Care
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                                                      Akron, OH 44311

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