• UltraPlug™ Silicone Punctal Plugs - Box of 2

Pre-loaded on a sterile, disposable inserter, UltraPlug™ Silicone Punctal Plugs enable patients to have healthier and increasingly protected eyes.  These plugs fight dry eye symptoms by offering greater:

               Long-Term Relief:

                These silicone plugs allow patients to retain more natural tears for a longer period of time.

Sustainability and Retention:

These plugs effectively block the eyes’ tear drainage through the canaliculus for a longer period of time.

Patient Comfort:

With easy insertion and removal, the low cap removes foreign body sensation, and the surface-mounted plug ensures easy plug removal with forceps.


Plugs are packed and preloaded on a sterile, disposable insertor which fights infection and bacteria. 


                2 single sterile silicone plugs per box, supplied pre-loaded on a disposable inserter/dilator.

*Price of $38.00 is for online orders only. If you encounter any issues placing an online order, please call us at 800-858-9395. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you in placing your order. 

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UltraPlug™ Silicone Punctal Plugs - Box of 2

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